The “Closer” Challenge (Before You Get Started)

So you want to grow “Closer” to Jesus?

It’s not near as mystical of a process as we often make it out to be. The challenge is to build the right habits, making time and room for Jesus in our daily schedules. This 20 day, month long devotional is designed to help challenge our habits and create lasting changes that will help us become closer to Jesus. While effective and transformational, its not magical. If you will commit yourself to the challenge and embrace the lifestyle of daily devotion to Him, your relationship will be deeper and closer than ever. Paul commissions us “Whatever you do, do with your whole heart.” Make no mistake, this is not intended to be a fad diet, but rather a lifestyle change. Just like with eating, that kind of change has to be something we fully commit to in order to have lasting effects. It wont be easy. The enemy will use every distraction possible to distract you, but stay the course. You can do this and the results will be worth it! Lets Get Started…

Here are a few tips as we begin:

Make an Appointment – Rather than depend on fitting it in, plan for it. The earlier in your day, the less chance it gets missed.

Choose a Place – Make sure the place lends itself for distraction free time with Him. A quiet, comfy place makes for great quality time with Jesus.

Have an Agenda  – This devotional series make this easy. The agenda is planned daily. Beyond this series, planning what you study and learn will prove helpful.

Write It Down – A journal or even notes on your phone. It doesn’t matter what you use, writing down our thoughts during our time with Him helps us to reflect and grow.

Bible Reading & Study – Spend time reading and reflecting on the Word. Just as important as reading, we need to seek to understand what God is speaking through His Word.

Prayer & Worship – Take time to pray, listen, and worship.

How It Works:

Each week will start with a challenge. Each challenge is designed to help us recognize different aspects of our relationship with Him. Some may be easier than others but each one, no matter how silly they may seem, will help you reflect and grow. In addition to taking the weekly challenge, you will come here daily for your devotional and scriptures. The devotionals are short thoughts to help you as you read and study your daily scriptures. After the devotional and reading, take time to pray, listen and worship. It really is that simple. Now find “Week One – Monday” and let the journey of closeness begin.

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