The “Closer” Challenge (Week Two – Tuesday)

CLOSER Challenge
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Week Two – Tuesday

“A Hearer of Doer”

Yesterday, we talked about the idea of taking up our cross and following him. It’s not what we hear as much as what we do with what we hear. Today, we look at a passage of scripture in the book of James where he discusses the same concept. Being not only hearers but doers of the word. He even says it’s like looking into a mirror, then walking away and forgetting what we look like.

When we lived in North East Texas and Spring would roll around, it was not uncommon to have outbreaks of severe weather. It never failed that we would get that eerie warning that a tornado had been spotted at least once a year. As if the sirens were not bad enough, they added the creepy voice telling people to take shelter immediately. The (not so) funny thing is, many people did just the opposite. They would walk outside looking around, not wanting to miss a glimpse of the tornado. They clearly heard the warning and instructions, yet they did not follow them.

It seems to become more and more evident, with each passing day, how devoted we should be to following the Word of God. Doing the things He has called us to and not just idling through life. Knowledge is useless if you don’t have the wisdom to implement it. In the same way knowing what he says, and putting it into practice are two different things. We must be diligent to not neglect heeding His word. If we are not careful we allow our knowledge to overshadow wisdom. The Pharisees had done just that. They allowed their knowledge of the law to supersede the wisdom of its purpose, and instead of embracing the Savior, they were threatened by Him.

We never want to reach a place where we forget who we were before Jesus and become useless to the Kingdom. Or arrive at a place where we know so much better than everyone else and miss God speaking to us. That’s why we work to bring our bodies under subjection to the Holy Spirit and our thoughts to the mind of Christ. It’s also why James says not to despise fiery trials, they are perfecters of our faith. They help us rely on Him as our source. Even though the thought of seeing the tornado is exhilarating and we might even enjoy a false since a security, God’s Word is there to shelter us from the storms. So lean into His word and make sure we apply what it says.

Today’s Reading

James 1:1-27

Today’s Prayer

Father, help me to hear and understand your word in such a way that I can apply it to my life. Let my heart be good soil that your word can grow in. Help me not to get caught up trying to work things out on my own while you’re working for me. Thank you that I can trust your word to always be for my good. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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