The “Closer” Challenge (Week Three – Monday)

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Week Three – Monday

“Blessed To Give”

All my life I have heard it said, “It’s more blessed to give than receive.” However, as a Christian, this should be more than a clever phrase, it should be a lifestyle. God is a giver. Jesus modeled a lifestyle of selfless giving. I would argue that one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal of faith is giving. Giving is at the heart of God. Paul tells us in Acts 20 that it was Jesus who told us it’s more blessed to give than receive. So what does that really mean?

Now, before you tune me out thinking this is going to be about money, know that money has nothing to do with what we are talking about. It’s important to hear what Jesus didn’t say here. He didn’t say that it’s not a blessing to receive. To the contrary, many times I have been incredibly blessed being on the receiving end of giving. It is a blessing to receive and there is a grace to receiving. What Jesus wanted us to see is that the greater blessing comes when we participate in the giving. So, why give in the first place?

Besides the fact that God is a giver, giving has three distinct purposes in our life. 1. Giving moves our thoughts away from ourselves. Rather than being caught up in our own needs, we find fulfillment in focusing on the needs of others. In this way, we are less aware of the negative things in our lives because we are seeing the positive impact our life is having on others. 2. Giving removes the Love of money and things. When we love God more than money and our things, we break our attachment to greed and covetousness. The joy of giving will override the joy of receiving. 3. Giving fuels our mission. God created us to be conduits of His sacrificial generosity. Giving causes us to look to fulfill the needs of others rather than just the needs of ourselves.

When we begin to look for ways to give, we can see the impact our giving has on the world around us. It’s exciting, fun, and often spontaneous. Something that may seem insignificant to us, might have a huge impact on others. Becoming a giver is one of the simplest changes you can make in your walk with Jesus. Giving is not only something financial. There are so many ways you can meet others at their place of need. The more you look for opportunities to give, the easier it will become to find and anticipate needs in the lives of those around you. I encourage you to take this week’s challenge head on and see if it doesn’t make an impact on your life as well as the lives of others.

Today’s Reading

2 Corinthians 9:1-15

Today’s Prayer

Father, you have blessed me to be a blessing to others. Help me to see the talents and resources that you have blessed me with in a way that can help others. Help me to constantly look for ways to bless others that they may see you and not me. Thank you for all that you given to me. In Jesus Name, Amen.

This Weeks Challenge

This is my favorite challenge. Why? I love to give! The feeling of helping others is incredible and addictive. This week, I challenge you to join me in giving. Each day of this week, find and choose at least one way you can give to someone else. This might take some work. Learning to look for and anticipate the needs of others can prove quite arduous at first, but the more we practice, the easier it becomes. I believe the more you give, the more you will experience the Joy of the Lord. Why? Because as giving becomes your mission, the less our unmet needs surface. Meeting the needs of others often fulfills unmet needs in our lives. So go ahead and have fun with this. Find ways to make an impact on the lives of those around you. You might find it to be very contagious.

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